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Among others, it enables you to carry out the following tasks:

    Client database management
    Agency database management. Ability to associate clients with specific agencies
    Commercial campaigns management
        Ability to specify the number of times a spot must be played each day during the campaign.
        Allows you to set the shows or time periods where the spots will be played.
        Ability to associate several spots in rotation to the same campaign.
        Ability to play different spots depending on the show or the time.
        Allows you to set the dates in which a campaign should be invoiced, as well as the price.
    Commercial block management, allowing you to set their time and duration. Ability to use different block templates depending on the day.
    Automatic scheduling based on the requirements specified in the campaigns, generating perfectly balanced blocks.
    Tracking and broadcasting reports.
    Fill the unused space in blocks with jingles and promos.

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