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Music Maker 2020
Simply create music Dreaming of your own songs as chart hits?
Do you constantly have new musical ideas that you'd like to make a reality as quickly and easily as possible? Music Maker is exactly what you need. Combine sounds and loops, play software instruments and drag & drop to apply effects. It's simple. Embellish your songs with vocals or rap. Forget dry theory – just make music!

1. Combine sounds & loops
2. Play and record
3. Create your sound

Easier than ever before Make music with loops & instruments Making music is not rocket science – especially when you have Music Maker by your side.
Our Soundpools contain hundreds of thousands of sounds and loops from all genres that you can easily drag & drop to combine in the way you want.

Create beats with melodies you've recorded on software instruments using mouse and standard or MIDI keyboard.

425 free sounds & loops
4 free additional Soundpools
3 free instruments
8 free effects Multicore support
8 tracks

Created 18-07-2019
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